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Preparing for your visit

We’ve created easy to download and print forms for you to fill out prior to your appointment. Our new patient form provides us with your medical history, current medications and emergency contacts, as well as review our financial policy and provides the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice and Consent to Use and Disclose Health Information.

For your visit please bring your I.D. and your insurance cards. 

What to Expect

A routine eye exam can take up to an hour; this will include a visual acuity exam, intra-ocular pressure check and dilated eye exam. Depending on the reason for your exam this may also include additional tests/procedures which can extend the length of your visit but ensures a thorough examination. 

If you’re planning for a dilated exam it is recommended to have a driver accompany you. You can expect light sensitivity and blurred near-vision for at least an hour (this varies per person), and we offer throw-away sunglasses which can be layered under other eyewear if you have.

If you’re planning a Refraction, you will have a visual acuity exam and intra-ocular pressure check, and your Refractive exam. Following your exam you’ll head over to our Optical Center where you will be able to browse our wide selection of frames and talk with one of our Opticians to decide on the perfect fit, or learn about Contact lens options.